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Statutory Bodies of the Federation

The statutory bodies of the Federation are:

The Honorary Court of Governors

The sole function of the Honorary Court is to promote the mission and ethos of the Federation. Honorary Governors shall primarily reflect (but not be limited to) a cross spectrum of the Commonwealth and Francophone countries and shall include leaders of faith groups, NGO Aid Agencies, and distinguished persons with experience of politics, finance, constitutional affairs. The Honorary Governors shall come from as wide a cross section as possible of the regions of the world.

The Plenary Court

The function of the Plenary Court is that it is responsible for enforcing the structures and disciplines to protect the cash and / or assets readily convertible to cash belonging to the Risk Mitigation Reserve Trust (‘RMRT’) which is raised by FairFund Ireland. As administrators of the RMRT, the Federation has no direct relations with the public; does not hold or accept any capital in kind or favour from any member of any government, political party, ethnic grouping or entity in the public or private sector. The Federation will only accept assets raised by FairFund Ireland without encumbrance or conditions. All assets of the RMRT are held by a Swiss Trust Company under Swiss Banking Law.

The Executive Council

The function of the Executive Council is to act as the operational managers over all the activities of the Federation, The Foundations and FairFund Global Settlements.

The Members

The Members represent the grass roots of the Federation and are the beneficiaries of the RMRT. The Federation is there to serve its Members and respect their autonomy and self-determination. The Members have the right through democratic election to rise through the structures of the Federation so that the operations of the Federation constantly serve the needs of its Members within a changing world.