The FairFund Federation ('Federation') is structured as a Swiss Verein, and comprises both a global network of FairFund Foundations ('Foundations') and FairFund Global Settlements ('FGS'), all being companies limited by guarantee, or the equivalent thereof, which are in association with and under the authority of the Federation.

The Federation envisages a world where every human being is empowered to fulfill his or her capabilities and to flourish; it is committed to the achievement of the United Nations Global Goals.

The Federation's objective is to respect and be responsive to the autonomy and self-determination of each country. This aspiration can best be achieved by investment to generate economic stability and growth in all areas of need.

The Federation, through its Members, works exclusively in the Private Sector without alignment to any political, religious or ethnic entity. An investment, when made, remains in that jurisdiction in perpetuity without repatriation or any return on investment.

The Constitution of The Federation demands absolute independence and neutrality in all of its working relations.

The Federation does not accept funding from any public or other entity; unless by unconditional benefaction.

The Constitution excludes any borrowing from any financial institution or other entity, neither does it nor ever will give loans, grants, financial or any other service to the public. It is therefore restricted to insiders, who will be registered as beneficiaries of a Risk Mitigation Reserve Trust ('RMRT'), administered by The Federation. Subject to formal recognition, it should be acceptable under Sharia financial codes of conduct.

The ultimate goal of the Federation is to ensure economic investment, stability and growth in all areas of need. This can be achieved by using the capital in the Risk Mitigation Reserve Trust for the development of the Members' infrastructural projects.

Securing Stability and Growth

The FairFund Federation

  • Provision of Investment for economic growth and stability in all areas of need

  • To be responsive to the needs of all peoples throughout the world and to respect their autonomy and self-determiaation 

  • A Private Funding Initiative which supports the moral obligations and commitments of the UN Millennium Development Goals

  • Provision of capital with mitigation of risk for the design, build and commissioning of approved infrastructure projects

"He gave it for his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together".     Dean Jonathan Swift 1667-1745